Just a few weekends ago I had a hankering… a severe hankering for french fries! I went online to find recommendations and ended up going to a place that was recommended by a LOT of folks, Honey Hole, and was disappointed by the fries although the sandwiches were GREAT!

In my opinion, good restaurant french fries have a few traits. These traits are a crispy shell, not too much grease, some type of nicely flavored covering or dipping sauce. Another big criterion is price and convenience.

My list of Seattle’s Best French Fries:

1. Baguette Box

Baguette Box has very crispy, flavorful truffle fries for ~$5. If you aren’t a huge fan of truffle oil, the fries are only ~$3. This place is open till late afternoon so it works on most days.

2. Sambar

Sambar has amazing cocktails and can be difficult to get a seat in on busy nights. The food is always top notch and the Pommes Frites demonstrate this. If they are serving it, the steak is worth adding to the fries.

3. Skillet Street Food

Their poutine-inspired fries are frickin good! Cheddars, herbs and gravy over fries that are nearly as good as those further up the list.

4. Canlis

A bit pricier at $8 and the dress code requires a tie or jacket, but talk about a fabulous place to grab a drink to impress someone! And to make sure things don’t get too formal, order some truffle fries. They are pheonominal and would rank higher.. but the hassle of going to Canlis to order them means I haven’t had them nearly as often as I should.

ToDo List:
Elysian Truffle Fries

Recommended, but off the list:
Dicks (Fast food fries using real potatoes ARE a step up from standard fast food, but they fail the crispy test.)
Ventana (The fries are too expensive and too “out of a box” for my taste. Also.. the flavoring comes from the salt which doesn’t contain enough flavor infused within it.)